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Primestar LED announces new 15 Watt LED T8 Tube

Primestar LED announces the addition of their 15 watt T8 and T5 tubes to their Elara Series of indoor ceiling LED fixtures and lamps. The product presents comparable light output to traditional T8 fluorescent tubes due to the efficacy of the LED’s in concert with the directional nature of the light source. Primestar’s LED tubes are greater than 50% more energy efficient compared to traditional 32 watt T8 fluorescent tubes.
Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lights do not flicker creating strain on the eyes. Also, the LED light does not generate UV rays or infrared rays like fluorescents. Primestar LED’s T8 tube is typically more than 50% more efficient than fluorescent T8 tubes, they last for up to 50,000 or more, contain no harmful mercury and improve the quality of the light. To learn more, visit

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