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Smart Strands Makes Its Industry Debut

Smart Strands, a wholesale holiday lighting company based in San Francisco, California, makes its debut with a unique new line of LED holiday lights imported from China. The line carves out a niche in the holiday lighting market through its quality energy-saving LED products with prices that are more than 30% less than the industry standard.
LED holiday lighting uses approximately 90-95% less electricity than the older, conventional incandescent holiday lights. San Franciscan shopping districts including Union Square, Maiden Lane, the Fillmore Merchants and the Divisadero Corridor are already using LED holiday lights, showing their support for the environmentally friendly lighting product.
According to principal Mark McGinty, Smart Strands “was developed to help installers, municipalities and other businesses nationwide afford the transition from incandescent strands to LED strands. For the past few years, the biggest hurdles to transitioning over to LED lights have been the pricing and the look. To address these issues, Smart Strands has created a line of warm white LED holiday lights with a greater resemblance to the traditional incandescent strands. As well, our research and design team has created a pure white LED strand that reminds us of the color of white snow. We offer all of our products at excellent prices because we care about the environment and our aim is to help installers nationwide become 100% planet friendly.” According to San Francisco´s utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), operating 300 C6 LED lights for 5 hours a day for 45 days, will cost approximately $0.43 for the entire time. Alternatively, 300 mini incandescent lights for the same time would cost $4.50 in energy.

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