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Acuity Brands Helps Begin Revitalization of City of Rock Falls

Acuity Brands announced its participation in a pilot outdoor LED lighting and revitalization project in Rock Falls, Illinois using its Holophane brand of luminaires and innovative SiteLink pole system. The Holophane brand has been a recognized leader in high-quality and lowest total cost of ownership lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications for more than 110 years.
Working with Paul A. Jakubczak, PE, Electric Director of the City of Rock Falls Electric Utility, Acuity Brands' Holophane unit will bring the lighting of the Rock Falls City Hall area into the 21st century. The chosen state-of-the-art LED lighting and innovative Holophane branded SiteLink pole system has many unique features and functions beyond simply suspending a streetlight in the air.
Focusing on the City Hall parking lot for now, the City of Rock Falls' overall objective is to eventually revitalize the entire downtown area. The revitalization project will be highlighted by new LED lighting, which will increase energy efficiency, improve overall quality of light and reduce overall maintenance costs.
The main goals of the lighting component of the revitalization efforts are to obtain high vertical illumination with no less than .5 footcandles of horizontal illuminance and cutoff optics, while utilizing "green technology." The City selected Holophane Esplanade 150-watt Utility Tear Drop LED luminaires mounted on SiteLink SL5 poles and North Yorkshire style decorative pole bases to satisfy its lighting and aesthetics criteria. As part of a comprehensive lighting solution, the City also will be using photocontrols from Acuity Brands' DTL controls brand. DTL photocontrols save energy and reduce utility replacement costs, offering an integrated intelligent outdoor lighting and controls solution that saves energy by providing both excellent reliability and accurate light sensing.

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