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Nexxus Lighting Submits First Series of Lamps to ENERGY STAR

Nexxus Lighting, Inc. confirmed that it has submitted its first series of Array LED replacement lamps to ENERGY STAR for review under the ENERGY STAR program. After the required completion of rigorous third-party testing, Nexxus submitted its R30 product in both its flood and narrow flood configurations at 3000 deg Kelvin color temperature. The R30 utilizes the company's patented design and patent -- pending thermal management system to deliver over 60 lumens per watt. The R30 uses only 8 watts to produce 500 lumens at a color rich 3000 deg Kelvin color temperature with a color rendering index of 84.
Nexxus also announced that it expects to submit additional lamp types and color temperatures to ENERGY STAR in the coming weeks. As previously announced, Nexxus had planned to submit the lamps prior to the end of August. However, due to unexpected delays at the third-party laboratory, that were unrelated to the Array product, the laboratory was late in completing the required testing.

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