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City of Salem Relights Streets With Sylvania LEDs

Officials from lighting manufacturer OSRAM SYLVANIA and the City of Salem, Massachusetts flipped the switch on over 350 existing street lighting fixtures newly equipped with LED technology. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll hosted an unveiling event in the city's historic downtown area where, using an over-sized light switch, she and Mark Corcoran, OSRAM SYLVANIA vice president of Industrial Commercial Sales, symbolically lit the city with the new, energy-efficient LED lighting from Massachusetts-based OSRAM SYLVANIA. The SYLVANIA D6 Area Lighting LED Retrofit Kit provided the perfect solution for the 385 year-old city, offering significant energy savings over the previously installed metal halide lamp systems without sacrificing its notable enchantment.
Reducing energy consumption up to 68 percent, the SYLVANIA LED retrofit kits are not only energy-efficient, but provide the excellent illumination needed for outdoor street lighting. Also, because the LEDs lamp life is a full two to six times longer than the previously used HID lamps, the city will save considerably on the maintenance costs associated with keeping its streets bright.
"Our D6 Area Lighting LED retrofit kit is an ideal lighting solution for municipalities looking to cut energy consumption and costs, and enhance their streets," said Corcoran. "We commend our neighbors in the City of Salem for their forward thinking in implementing energy-saving LED technology for the benefit of their residents and the environment."
This past summer, the City of Salem was awarded a $245,624 "Green Communities" Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which helped fund the project.

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