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RGGLED launched unique largest LED ceiling screen

Lately, no big event can be imagined without LED production, especially without something new, creative and record breaking. Just like the 2011 Asian winter games in Kazachstan which on 30th of January took place in Astana, the capital of Kazachstan. New arena in Astana was illuminated by the ceiling LED screen which was designed, manufactured, installed and launched by Lithuanian company RGGLED. This project is unique in Europe as well as in Asia by its measures - ceiling LED screen was 8500 sq. m big.
„I evaluate Astana arena project as an extreme success, despite the fact that designing and negotiations took us nearly a year. The exact LED screen project is unique by its measures both in Europe and Asia because this big area in the ceiling have not shined anywhere else,“ said RGGLED CEO Gytis Mikelinskas.
For about a year company's specialists were participating in ongoing negotiations and were trying to clarify the needs of the customer which led to a happy ending – unique ceiling illumination was created.
“The project of the size like this was refused by other world's biggest companies due to these major problems: risk of failure, because nobody else has ever made a project like this and because of short period of time, which we had for designing and installation. So this is why we can say that we accepted it as a challenge for us, which we had to complete and most importantly – we succeeded,“ described the project G. Mikelinskas.
The screen in Astana arena which consisted of more than 4,86 million pieces light emitting diodes was installed by the RGGLED specialists. Whole month the team of twelve specialists and technicians from RGGLED were assembling the screen in Astana arena.

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