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Acuity Brands Expands LED Outdoor Parking Application Product Portfolio

Acuity Brands, Inc.  continues announcements of a major expansion of its outdoor LED lighting portfolio. Offered under Acuity Brands LED Outdoor, the portfolio includes solutions from six of the Company’s leading lighting solutions brands.
New to the Company’s PARK application family of products are the TersenRatio PG and the Lithonia Lighting VAP, luminaires for covered outdoor applications, and the Tersen Ratio 4.0 and Lithonia Lighting ALX, luminaires for parking lots and surrounding areas. Each LED luminaire is optimally designed for unique parking tasks and environments.
The TersenRatio PG is a LED luminaire of contemporary architectural styling, ideally suited for the parking garage. It has been designed to meet the IESNA RP-20 standards and delivers up to 100 lumens per watt in multiple lumen output packages. Its modern “finned” housing serves as an efficient heat sink while making an architectural statement. Both the symmetric and asymmetric optical distributions deliver unparalleled horizontal and vertical uniformity. The Lithonia Lighting VAP is ideal for use in applications where smart-looking, energy-efficient fixtures are desired. This luminaire is ideally designed for parking garages, canopies, transportation facilities, schools, hospitals and exterior retail environments where moisture or dust is a concern.
The TersenRatio 4.0 offers a contemporary styled luminaire that produces illumination levels equivalent to a traditional 400-watt metal halide (MH) lamp. Its design complements the Ratio PG and Ratio 1.5 to create a complete family of architectural outdoor products. Its stylistic “finned” shape serves as a heat sink as well as an architectural statement. The Lithonia Lighting ALX was designed from the start exclusively for LED technology and now produces between 18% and 25% greater light output than the original version. It is designed for streets, walkways, parking lots, and surrounding areas and delivers on the promise of long life, superior optical performance and energy savings.
Various models in the Acuity Brands LED Outdoor PARK application family are compatible with the Acuity Brands ROAM system, the Company’s industry-leading intelligent control solution, combining photo-control technology with wireless monitoring and control capabilities. Working together, LED lighting and intelligent control systems provide an integrated outdoor lighting solution enabling additional energy savings from day one. Acuity Brands LED Outdoor products adhere to IES standards for all applications, enabling maximum visibility. All luminaires in the PARK family incorporate Acuity Brands’ philosophy of providing the highest quality lighting solutions, while minimizing light pollution by putting light on task not toward the sky.

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