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Kumho Introduces Direct Replacement LED T8 Lamp

Kumho Electric is introducing the Earthcare Direct Replacement LED T8, a lamp that can simply be snapped into an existing fluorescent fixture, freeing maintenance contractors from the time consuming, costly process of re-wiring T8 fixtures to accommodate an LED lamp.
The advanced, patented design also provides for full dimming control using a standard dimmable T8 ballast and incorporates environmentally friendly passive components that offer a more reliable, longer lasting product.
"Our Earthcare T8 LED utilizes a first-of-a-kind, revolutionary design," said Kumho Electric USA president Alan Medak. "It makes switching to LEDs as easy as changing a light bulb and works with popular instant start ballasts. No rewiring or special handling is required."
Using one third less energy than a traditional linear T8, the lamp offers instant brightness, producing a 110° beam that spreads illumination uniformly, without hot spots or glare.
The lamp maintains brightness over its 50,000 hour rated life with low lumen depreciation. It also operates at a moderate temperature, reducing load on building cooling systems. The lamps are environmentally friendly, producing no UV light and containing no mercury.
The Earthcare T8 LED is well suited for difficult applications, such as refrigerator/freezer cases, high-vibration situations, or hard to reach locations.

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  1. I got useful information from your Blog. There is no need to think about exploding bulbs caused by accidental water contact and there’s no temperature related fire hazard with LED growing lights.


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