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Philips updates markets on Healthcare sector

Royal Philips Electronics, will once again travel across Africa to raise awareness about how healthcare and lighting solutions can improve the quality of life across the continent. The Cape Town to Cairo road show 2011 (from 12th May to 11th July, 2011) is the second African road show undertaken by Philips. The road show will cover 12,000 kilometers in 62 days, visiting a total of twelve countries.
“As many developed countries are struggling to stimulate economic growth, a strong middle class of 313 million, or 34% of the African population, is on the rise in what is still considered the world’s most impoverished continent,’’ said Dr. Gottfried Dutiné, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Markets and Innovation at Philips, in Cape Town today. “This group of mainly young, eager and mobile Africans is rapidly rivaling the middle classes of China and India. Philips sees this continent as a new growth market.”
The Philips team will engage with customers, governments, NGOs and media to discuss experiences and insights for addressing key challenges facing Africa today: Mother and Child Care, Women’s healthcare, energy efficient lighting solutions and healthy living.
Central to the Cape to Cairo 2011 road show is the theme Mother and Child Care. Mothers, newborn babies and children represent the well-being of a society and its potential for the future. Their healthcare needs cannot be left unmet without harming the society as a whole.
“Even in the 21st century, we still allow eight million children and close to half a million mothers around the world to die each year from preventable complications related to pregnancy and child birth.” , said JJ van Dongen, General Manager, Philips Healthcare Africa & Country Manager Philips South Africa.“This makes the availability of and access to high quality, affordable care for all mothers and children an issue of high priority for policy makers and societies. Philips recognizes this need and through this road show wants to create dialogue and cooperation between governments, local healthcare workforces, non-governmental organizations, foundations, healthcare professional associations, and research institutions to help mothers, newborn babies and children obtain care.”
In addition to showcasing Philips solutions and starting a dialogue, the road show aims to deliver clinical education to help improve standards of care. There is a major training requirement across the continent. Recognizing the need for continuous education to advance and maintain clinical competencies, Philips will deliver customized training modules around Mother and Child Care in all key markets.
During the roadshow Philips will also introduce new solar powered lighting solutions aimed at providing a healthier and safer home environment. Today an estimated 560 million Africans live without electricity . Better lighting is likely to make home child birth safer and help reduce the very high infant mortality rate throughout the continent.

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