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Toshiba Introduces New High Luminous Flux White LEDs

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., (has announced the addition of a new series of LEDs. Using a new package design, TAEC has developed small high luminous flux white LEDs with high luminous efficiency.  With a broad lineup ranging from high-efficient, high-output models to high-color rendering models, these LEDs can be used as light sources for a variety of lighting applications, including replacement lamps, architectural lighting, retail display, commercial/industrial, outdoor and residential lighting.
Ideal as a replacement for traditional fluorescent bulbs in general lighting applications, Toshiba's new high-output white LEDs provide one of the industry's highest level of efficiency at 120 lm/W, are housed in a very thin package (0.65 mm thick, making them suitable for small equipment) and have a long lifespan due to low thermal resistance.  Additionally, a unique packaging structure and wide directional characteristics make these LEDs appropriate for lighting large areas.

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