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Vishay Intertechnology Releases White LED Modules

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today announced three cool white LED modules assembled with 6 or 12 high-bright LEDs. The VLPC0601A2 features 6 LEDs in a row on a 240 mm x 14 mm PCB that provides 870 lm. The VLPC1201A2J features 12 LEDs in a row on a 240 mm x 14 mm PCB that provides 1740 lm. The VLPC1201A2 is simply half a VLPC1201A2J, resulting in two modules each measuring 120 mm x 14 mm with 6 LEDs and luminous flux of 870 lm. This broad portfolio of options allows designers to select the ideal size PCB and light intensity for their applications.
Designed to replace fluorescent lights in commercial, industrial, and residential applications, for backlighting signage, and for automotive applications, the VLPC0601A2, VLPC1201A2J, and VLPC1201A2 offer a color temperature range of 5000 K to 7000 K. The devices feature a shiny white surface and a metal-core, single-side PCB with a Cu thickness greater than 0.75 microns. The VLPC0601A2 features an LED pitch of 40 mm while the VLPC1201A2J and VLPC1201A2 have an LED pitch of 20 mm.
The VLPC0601A2, VLPC1201A2J, and VLPC1201A2 have a maximum current of 700 mA and viewing angle of 80 degrees. All are based on InGaN technology. The LED modules are available in color bins. The devices comply with ROHS 2002/95/EC.

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