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CHDT Announces First Induction Charged Multi-Function LED Headlight

South Florida-based Capstone Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of CHDT Corporation announced today the expansion of its Eco-i-Lite line of rechargeable LED lighting products. The Eco-i-Lite Multi-function LED Headlight is the first ever headlight to use Induction Charging technology as its sustained power source.
With no batteries to buy or bulbs to replace, the Eco-i-Lite Multi-function LED Headlight is an excellent money-saving choice for everyday household projects as well as outdoor activities. The lightweight device includes a 1/2 watt LED for high luminous efficacy; 2 red LEDs for emergency/safety flashing and a power failure function while in the charging base.
The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and charged automatically when placed in its induction charging base. Induction Charging is a consumer friendly technology which uses no metal connectors and no contact prongs. "I believe our focus on sustainability and multi-functionality, including features such as an induction charging base that also fits all wall outlets, makes us stand out in the crowd," says Reid Goldstein, President of Capstone Industries.

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