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Nularis Will Exhibit at Dwell on Design

The Los Angeles-based lighting and green-tech energy company Nularis, an exhibitor at the 2011 Dwell on Design expo, brings lighting out from behind the shade with a wide-ranging assortment of LED bulbs that are design-forward enough to stand alone. Nularis' extensive Designer Collection features more than 70 LED bulbs for architectural and interior design applications-including several proprietary products-to create one of the broadest selections of its kind available:
At Dwell on Design at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 24-26-the West Coast's largest modern design show-Nularis will showcase bulbs from its Designer Collection and popular selections from its other product lines. Nularis is the only exhibitor at Dwell on Design focusing exclusively on LED bulbs; throughout the weekend, they will conduct give-aways of mini-LED flashlights and sample bulbs.
In addition to its focus on design-forward bulbs, Nularis stands apart from other LED suppliers through innovative client services it provides including energy audits from certified energy consultants, and advisement on tax-incentive and rebate programs that make LED retrofits and new installations affordable. Creative financing from governmental programs and utility companies adds to the value of LED implementation beyond the immediate savings on energy bills. "There is a wide variety of funding opportunities available to qualified customers moving toward energy-efficiency with LED lighting," said Ms. Tadevosian. "From zero-percent financing to tax incentives, we help our clients identify the best means to achieve their goals."
LED bulbs from Nularis come with a 10-year, No-Questions-Asked replacement guarantee, and the bulbs will likely last more than 20 years. LED bulbs use an average of 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs (which will be phased out by Federal law in the U.S. by 2014). Moreover, unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs remain cool to the touch, while still emitting the warm, rich color temperatures of traditional bulb types. And, unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LED technology is free of toxic mercury, making it the safest, most environmentally sound choice. Currently, it is illegal in 10 states to discard CFL bulbs in regular trash bins due to chemical hazards; more states will follow suit, and strict federal regulations govern cleanup of breakage. LED technology has no such downside.
Some of the most popular LED models from Nularis are the "Times Square" and "Heavy Metal" pear bulbs, which feature a distinctive array of bright mini-LEDs, and the rich, warm Harmony loop. The elegant "Art Gallery" bulb spotlights fine works of art with equally admirable illumination, while the versatile Midnight MR16 and 12 Watt PAR38 bulbs are ideal for track and recessed lighting, respectively. The LED Tear Drop Candelabra bulb combines a traditional flame tip with a sleek, metallic look.

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