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Cooper Lighting Introduces the Next Generation LED LightBAR System

Cooper Lighting has announced it has upgraded its outdoor LED LightBAR technology. Internally developed at Cooper Lighting's accredited state-of-the-art LED Innovation Center and integrated in multiple product lines, the new system's unmatched optical performance delivers improved lumen output and efficiency, while continuing to offer up to 75% in energy savings over traditional High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) outdoor lighting sources.
Designed to meet today's demanding energy and environmental needs, Cooper Lighting's LightBAR technology features the company's patented AccuLED Optics, which sets the industry benchmark for reliable photometric performance, scalability and energy efficiency. The system's unique application-specific design allows lumen and energy output to be customized to fulfill the exact needs of the outdoor space--eliminating wasted energy and obtrusive spill light. Designed for both new construction applications or to replace inefficient luminaires, the next generation LightBAR technology is available in two versions (7 LEDs and 21 LEDs), three standard color options (3000K, 4000K and 6000K correlated color temperatures (CCT)), and offered in 13 different optical distributions, providing versatility for every outdoor need, including street lighting, area/site, floodlighting, wall mount, parking garage, canopy and pathway solutions.
The updated LightBAR technology offers an increase in efficiency in all optical distributions without degrading optical performance, lumen depreciation or lumens per watt (lm/W). Boasting more task lumens per watt, the high efficiency 21 LED LightBAR optical fixtures deliver up to 100 lm/W or 2400 lumens per LightBAR, which outperforms the original 21 LED LightBAR fixture (1800 lumens) by 600 lumens - (using the same number of AccuLED Optics) -, while the 7 LED LightBAR optical choice (1900 lumens) also increases its lumen output over the original 21 LED LightBAR.
The efficiency and performance improvement roadmaps of LED technology guarantee the availability of improved lm/W packages in the future. To address future retrofits of higher performing packages, Cooper's unique LightBAR design is backwards compatible or future-proof both electrically and thermally, meaning there are no changes to the driver or the heat sink, making future LED upgrade replacements to its fixtures simple.
Cooper Lighting also expanded the color options to include a 3000K and 6000K CCT as standard in addition to the preferred color choice, warm white color of 4000K CCT. While typical LED outdoor solutions are standardized on a cold blue color temperature (6000-6500K CCT), Cooper Lighting LightBAR-equipped fixtures, by comparison, provide specifiers and end-users a desired color choice.
Cooper Lighting's LightBAR technology provides energy savings between 30-75% over standard H.I.D. systems while also providing a 50,000+ hour rated life-six times longer than the traditional metal halide sources found in most outdoor commercial applications.
The LightBAR technology, integrated into the industry's leading portfolio of outdoor product lines represented across four of Cooper Lighting's company brands - Invue, McGraw-Edison, Lumark and Streetworks, - offers lighting solutions that qualify for many local utility rebates.

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