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FoxFury Announces New Rook White / UV LED Flashlights for Security

FoxFury Lighting Solutions, designer and manufacturer of professional portable LED lighting, announces its new Rook SM3 and MD3 LED flashlights. These lights feature white light and UV light (also known as black light) and serve as general illumination lighting tools than can also inspect currency and identification. Both lights can be used by anyone but were specifically designed for law enforcement, security guards, TSA and other government security personnel.
The Rook SM3 and MD3 are compact with a black exterior, strike bezel and UV transmitting quartz lens. Both employ a powerful white CREE LED for general illumination along with four UV (395 nm) LEDs that can help determine whether money or identification (driver’s license, etc.) is authentic or counterfeit. Other items including body fluids, antifreeze and scorpions will also fluoresce (glow) under ultraviolet light.
The Rook SM3 and MD3 both feature three modes: white light, UV light and a disorienting Turbo-Strobe. The SM3 is ultra compact, 65 torch lumen and runs on a single AA battery. The MD3 is slightly larger, 130 torch lumen and can be powered by either two CR123 batteries or a single 18650 (rechargeable lithium ion) battery.
"We’re excited to offer compact LED flashlights with both white and UV light. The ability to quickly search, inspect and/or disorient all in one tool can be a major asset for security personnel,” said Tim Ellwood, LE / Military Sales Manager for FoxFury.

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