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Laser Beams into Automotive Lighting Future

Since Thomas Edison perfected the electronic light bulb over 130 years ago, our ability of creating artificial illumination has brightened up the coldness of night. An evolution especially important as the automobile progressed, vehicle lighting has taken strides in becoming brighter and more efficient. At first existing as clumsy lanterns, electric lighting quickly emerged in the time of the motor vehicle reach global acceptance. From tungsten to halogen headlight bulbs, the recent phase apparent is HID (High Intensity Discharge) which uses xenon gas to bring a near perfect white light to the road at about one-third of the power needed for a halogen setup. However, as HID headlamps are coming of age, a new challenge coming from full LED lighting systems (equipped on the Audi A8). Appearing that a competition between HID and LED headlamps is now foreseen on the horizon, a future automotive lighting solution could be found in lasers.

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