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Bridgelux Poised for Rapid Growth

Bridgelux, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions, reported today that market conditions and its recent achievements ideally position it for additional growth and leadership in 2012. The company's revenue grew an extraordinary 792% from FY 2006 to 2010, and Bridgelux expects to see an additional 100% year over year growth by the end of 2011. During the past year, the company raised $76M in additional funding, added several noteworthy customers, introduced innovative products and technology and received numerous industry awards.
The LED luminaire market is poised for dramatic expansion, with analysts predicting growth of 40% (CAGR) through 2015.(1) Recognizing its potential, prominent financial and strategic investors cast their vote of confidence in the market overall, and Bridgelux in particular by investing a total of $76M in the company this past year.
"We're seeing significant increases in adoption and demand for LED lighting in many sectors and regions. In fact, we've experienced a 300% unit volume growth in LED array sales in the past year alone, dramatically increasing our market share while also delivering well over 100M high power LED chips to enable new and innovative product designs," said Bill Watkins, Bridgelux's Chief Executive Officer. "Going forward, Bridgelux is extremely well positioned to meet rising demand: we're well funded, have some of the industry's most innovative technologies and product designs, and have established strong strategic partnerships."

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