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A LED that can match a 60W incandescent?

With incandescent bulbs disappearing entirely from shops from September next year, the race is on to find suitable replacements. Energy-saving bulbs – or compact fluorescents (CFLs) – already do that job, but remain unpopular in some quarters and are not the most efficient alternative technology. The real hopes lie with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), according to industry, environmentalists, and politicians. With the global lighting market predicted to be worth €110bn by 2020, companies such as Phillips, GE, and Osram are fighting to be first with the breakthrough in the LED field.

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  1. After the use old fluorescent bulbs for more than 100 year. LED Lights can be considered as a great achievement of science. Though they are a collection of small bulbs fitted on a panel yet Led can lights up very large spaces with very low consumption of energy.


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