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New Surface Mount LED Luminaire for Ambient Illumination

Acuity Brands has expanded its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of the Lithonia Lighting STLED luminaire. The STLED product features improved efficacy over previous generation surface mounted products. It joins the RTLED, ACLED, VTLED and TLED series as a part of the versatile Lithonia Lighting LED indoor ambient lighting product family.
The STLED luminaire delivers a high level of performance, design and user simplicity. The innovative design of the luminaire complements other LED volumetric architectural lighting products from Acuity Brands to achieve a coordinated visual appearance. The availability of Acuity Brands nLight® embedded controls in the luminaire allows for continuous system performance monitoring for purposes of providing constant lumen maintenance and facilitating simple "plug-and-play" network and control upgrading via Cat-5 cabling. Full-range (0-10V) dimming is also standard.
The STLED Series is available nationally through Acuity Brands' Lithonia Lighting sales representatives and authorized distributors. For more information about the Company's high-quality LED lighting and controls, please visit Acuity Brands and Lithonia Lighting online at and

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  1. The LEDs are primarily installed in living room area for maintaining more artistic interiors. These recessed under counter led lighting can be installed via dug in process hence the area should be chosen extremely wisely during installation.


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