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Guangdong government pushing for LED industry growth

Backed by government support, Guangdong province continues to strengthen its position as China’s major hub for LEDs. At the instigation of the provincial party committee and the provincial administration, the Science and Technology Department is coordinating efforts to promote the development of the entire segment. This is because the last is one of the three main strategic sectors of the area.
Based on 2011 estimates, the province has doubled its scale in terms of production value. In the first half alone, it breached the $12.6 billion mark. The previous year, the southern coastal hub achieved $13 billion, which is also two times higher than the 2009 level. To date, the number of related enterprises there is close to 3,000 with an aggregate workforce exceeding 550,000. Overall, the industry is responsible for the employment of 2.2 million people.

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