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Kaveh Azar to Speak on LED Cooling at Smart Lighting Conference

Dr. Kaveh Azar, president and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. will be among the industry leaders presenting at the 2012 Smart Lighting conference in Dusseldorf, Germany on January 31 and February 1. Under the subject of Smart Control, Dr. Azar will discuss the impact of excess temperature on the performance, reliability and lifespan of LEDs, and review the many cooling options available.
The heat generated by an LED, and how heat affects the control of an LED’s response time, makes cooling a primary concern. Because LEDs are semiconductor devices, their light output is directly impacted by temperature. If the thermal situation is not managed, it will cause the LED to perform improperly, stop functioning or shorten its expected lifespan.
The immediate issue is managing LED heat to preserve its performance. How LEDs display colors and how long they can be expected to function puts proper thermal management at the center of their deployment. Across the full temperature range that most lighting is designed for, there is a swing in the relative light output. Each color is affected differently by temperature and the swing in light output is distinctly measurable and visible. This includes the low temperature ranges that are most common to today’s lighting applications.
The challenge facing LED lighting designers is the alignment of the cooling system/solution with the deployment-site requirements and its market acceptance. LED lighting, or correctly stated, solid-state lighting, is identical to other electronic devices whose longevity and proper operation directly depend on their junction temperature and how it’s thermally managed. Several cooling technologies for effective LED thermal management are now available and are being deployed across the electronics industry.

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