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LED-O first to offer 100% ECO-friendly LED lighting

LEDs America is expected to expand their LEDs production capabilities and broaden their marketing reach for launching their newest LED-O tube products to replace fluorescent T8 and T12 tubes worldwide. LEDs America broke through the 100Lm/watt barrier by establishing a new standard of energy use of T8 light tubes down to a remarkable 14.6. Indeed, the new standard for 4 foot T8 light tubes is now 14.6 W, 1400 directional lumens according to LM-79 and LM-80 tests.
The standard fluorescent tube can now be replaced by a 14.6W LED-O in existing fixtures. The downward directed lumens output is equivalent to the fluorescent tubes as half of its lumens output is lost in the fixture. This will save over 65% of energy used for lights and 80% of heat that needs to be cooled down by air conditioning. The LED-O(R) T8 tube emits no UV light, contains no mercury or any hazardous vapors, is 100% recyclable, and is warranted for 5 years (when lifetime can well exceed 10 years).

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