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New Industry Standard for Undercabinet Lighting

Tech Lighting announced a new industry standard in undercabinet lighting for residential and commercial use. The new 13-inch and 19-inch Unilume LED Undercabinet System fixtures will be unveiled at the Dallas International Lighting Market, January 19 - 23. Using an Intematix ChromaLit remote phosphor light source -- a separate linear phosphor element resembling a lens rather than phosphor applied directly to the LEDs -- the Unilume produces an even, glare-free wash of light along its entire length.
"Undercabinet lighting was one of the first applications to go LED," said Tech Lighting General Manager Josh Weiss. "Since then, with the majority of undercabinet fixtures designed around traditional undercabinet housings, there has been little in the way of innovation. We decided to enter the category only if we knew we could advance it, and with Intematix's ChromaLit technology, we are confident we can do just that."
Most LED undercabinet solutions utilize a few discrete LEDs placed several inches apart. When viewing the fixture from below, each LED appears extremely glary -- particularly in the sight-line of a young child. Further, unattractive dots of light appear on any reflective surface like a granite countertop, and the light from each LED hits objects below at different angles, creating separate and distracting shadows for every LED within the fixture.
In contrast, the Unilume uses 30 LEDs per foot, a 98% reflective mixing chamber and a remote phosphor element, which illuminates as a single crisp bar of light. This is both attractive as well as easier on the eyes when seen from beneath, and eliminates the "multi-shadow" effect making it more desirable in a task application such as working on a cutting board or when displaying merchandise. The Unilume is thinner and narrower than other undercabinet fixtures, as well.
"Unilume has several other benefits over traditional LED undercabinet solutions," continued Weiss. "Because it eliminates the need for a diffusing lens, it's extremely energy efficient, and we're able to achieve 50 to 60 lumens per watt depending on the length. Further, the entire lens is illuminated and sits at the surface of the housing creating a much wider beam distribution. This makes it possible to use fewer undercabinet units spread at greater distances. Finally, because the phosphor sits away from the LED, it remains cooler, which ensures greater color consistency over time."
Unilume is being offered in 13-inch and 19-inch lengths. Jumper connectors make it easy to link one unit to another. An integrated LED driver eliminates the need for an external power supply and allows for smooth dimming down to 15% using either a TRIAC incandescent dimmer or a low-voltage electronic dimmer. It is available in 2700K or 3000K as well as 80+ CRI or 90+ CRI for the most discerning applications. The Unilume system offers minimalist yet rugged design, with heavy-gauge aluminum housing and die-cast steel end-caps, all sitting less than 3/4" deep.
Tech Lighting is previewing all of its 2012 offerings in advance of their launch at the show in an online version of the new Tech Lighting Supplement, the link to which is on the company's home page, at . The section on the Unilume LED Undercabinet System begins on page 14 online.

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