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New LED-O Product to Replace Standard 100W Incandescent Bulbs

Viper Networks, Inc., in conjunction with LEDs America, Inc., announced the forthcoming market introduction of the 9W LED, their latest incandescent replacement lamp, which targets the replacement for 100W incandescent bulbs.
The 9W LED bulb from LEDs America (replaces 100W incandescent bulbs) will join the other two similar products, including the 5W LED (replaces 60W incandescent bulbs) and the 4W (to replace 40W incandescent bulbs).
The 9W LED lamp is just the newest product in a series of LED lights from LEDs America, to provide consumers a superior lighting option to any incandescent and fluorescent product available.
LEDs America’s superior ratio of lumens per watt reduces total cost of energy by approximately 90 percent compared to a standard 40W, 60W or 100W bulb. With an average life use of 50,000 hours, the company’s LED bulbs need far less replacing than traditional incandescents and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).
As of January 2012, U.S. law requires that light bulbs must be at least 25% more energy efficient, which means that traditional incandescent bulbs will be phased out, starting with the 100-watt bulb. Although some of the replacements have been with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), many consumers do not like these ‘swirl’ bulbs for giving off what many say is inferior light.
Additionally, LEDs America has developed a breakthrough in creating an LCC- LED Cluster Chip technology light source to replace incandescent bulbs with a much more naturally emitting light.
All LEDS America bulbs and lamps are sold under the brand name LED-O®, which with combined features will not only save 90% of the energy used in a standard bulb, but also save 50% compared to a CFL, while emitting no UV light and containing no mercury.
The LED-O® fits all standard fixtures and lamps, is 100% recyclable and can be used with any voltage 85-265 V.


  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
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  2. If the 9W LED Bulb from LEDs America can replaces 100W incandescent bulbs, it will help to save a lot of energy.


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