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New LED Standard, Developed in Wake of Japan Tsunami, Cuts Energy Use By 75%

Icon International, an Endo company is introducing Japanese developed, highly energy efficient new track LED lights to the U.S. grocery sector. Endo - Japan's leading LED light manufacturer, accelerated and fine-tuned development of LED lights following the Japan tsunami and nuclear plant failure. With a central focus on environmental conservation initiatives, Endo technologies cost less and use less energy while delivering higher value lighting. The eco-conscious technology sets a new standard for LED lights.
The series of RS track LED lights is the first of Endo's 2600 products that ICON will be bringing to the U.S. market.
"The RS light provides energy savings of 75% over conventional lighting and almost 30% over existing LED lights," said Michael Goeller, ICON president. "It has higher lighting output and sells for 10-20% less than existing LEDs."
"The combined innovation of our R&D teams is thrusting Icon and Endo to the forefront of changing the way the world thinks about LED lights and energy efficiency; we're re-setting the bar at a whole new level," said Goeller.
ICON International: ICON designs, manufactures, installs and maintains architectural lighting systems for educational, healthcare facilities, offices, and retail stores. Founded in 1947, ICON has operated as a subsidiary of Endo since September 2011.
Endo Lighting Corporation: Endo was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1967 as a manufacturer of original lighting fixtures. Japan's first publicly listed company specializing in manufacturing lighting fixtures, Endo is currently the leading company in the architectural and commercial segment of the lighting markets.

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