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EcoSense Lighting announced plans to further grow its business in European markets

EcoSense Lighting announced plans to further grow its business in European markets, bringing on a new distributing partner in Scotland. Solus Solutions Ltd has been named an authorized distributor of EcoSense Lighting specifier-grade LED lighting solutions, extending the availability of EcoSense products across architectural, retail and commercial market segments throughout Scotland.
Developed by experienced lighting designers and fueled by innovative solid-state LED technologies, EcoSense Lighting interior and exterior products offer the architectural marketplace a beautiful and powerful line of sustainable LED lighting solutions. Notable eco-friendly benefits such as improved energy efficiencies and reduced heat, UV and carbon emissions, render EcoSense Lighting the best alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. 
In addition to its environmental benefits, EcoSense Lighting products deliver high performance metrics including very impressive lumens per watt and uniform color consistencies across fixtures.  EcoSense Lighting products undergo a rigid LED-binning test resulting in a yield that exceeds the ANSI standards requirement by 400%. 
“Lighting is a key component within the element of architecture and our commitment to achieving technical excellence and outstanding service reflects the importance we attach to our products,” says Ken Colvin, Managing Director of Solus Solutions Ltd.  “The EcoSense team is a strong group of credible LED experts who fully understand the marketplace and produce high quality products. We are extremely pleased to now offer a variety of high performance linear LED products allowing our clients to specify lighting in areas that a few years ago would be deemed impossible.” 

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