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Larson Electronics Announces Release of Mil Spec 461 Compliant Low Profile LED Light Bar

The Magnalight LEDP3W-9 High Intensity LED Light Bar from Larson Electronics is a Mil Spec 461 compliant LED light emitter that produces intense illumination and high output in a compact and rugged package. Producing over 2,000 lumens of light and measuring only 2 inches high by 11 inches long, this LED emitter operates on standard 9-32 volt DC current and is an ideal lighting solution for mounting on vehicles and equipment where abusive conditions are encountered.
The LEDP3W-9 LED light bar produces 2,056 lumens of intense light output while consuming only 27 watts at 2.25 amps when connected to a 12 volt electrical system. Designed with power and durability in mind, this compact LED light emitter has an IP68 rated waterproof housing constructed of extruded aluminum for resistance to abusive conditions and exposure to moisture and harmful contaminants. An unbreakable polycarbonate lens resists damage from impacts and scratching and the CREE XLamp XR-E® LEDs used in this unit provide excellent vibration tolerance. This LED light is available in floodlight or spotlight configurations, and produces a light beam 575' long by 100' wide in spotlight configuration, making it well suited to military, law enforcement and hunting or boating applications where high power and concentrated output are desired. These LED light bars are built to exacting tolerances and specifications to provide exceptional performance in demanding applications and are Mil Spec 461 certified to military defense specifications. The 9 to 32 volt DC power compatibility and compact size of these LED light emitters allows them to be applied over a wide range of applications where traditional incandescent lights simply cannot fit or provide the necessary performance on low voltage power. These light bars can be mounted to flat surfaces or rounded railings, connected to any source of DC power ranging from 9 to 32 volts, and will fit in recessed areas and tight locations where other lights cannot. The LEDP3W-9 also offers a host of additional features including pulse width modulation drive controllers which provide excellent active heat management and allow the connection of external dimmers and strobe controllers to allow versatile operational control. These units will not overheat and can be connected to external controllers to cause them to dim, flash or strobe as desired.

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