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Pedestal Mount LED Light operates in hazardous locations

Larson Electronics' announced the release of a pedestal mounted 150 watt LED hazardous location light designed for easy deployment and illumination of large areas. Constructed with an aluminum pedestal base and wet area suitable LED fixture, the HAL-PM-1X150LED-100 hazardous location light can illuminate up to 18,000 square feet of workspace. This portable LED pedestal light is an ideal solution for operators who desire an effective alternative to hotter running 400 watt metal halide work area lights.
The HAL-PM-1X150LED-100 Pedestal Mounted LED Light from is designed to provide easy deployment and high power in a portable and hazardous location approved package. The 150 watt LED lamp assembly in this unit produces 14,790 lumens and is housed within an aluminum fixture equipped with a hinged and heat/impact-resistant tempered glass door for easy servicing and rugged reliability. This lamp will illuminate 18,000 square feet of workspace with bright white light and is an ideal alternative to less durable, less efficient, and hotter running metal halide work lights. The lamp assembly is mounted within an aluminum pedestal base that is designed to allow operators to easily carry the unit from one location to another and simply set it down and plug it in to begin operation. This unit is extremely easy to deploy and is very stable when placed on flat surfaces and the aluminum construction resists corrosion and will not rust. The cool operation of the LEDs in this unit means there is no worry of accidental burns, and with no glass bulb, durability and resistance to damage from impacts or dropping is greatly improved compared to HID work lights. Magnalight also includes 100 feet of SOOW cord equipped with an explosion proof plug with this unit, providing plenty of length for moving the light around the work area. Rated Class 1 Division 2 Groups C and D, and approved for wet areas and marine environments, this portable LED work light is an excellent addition to any industrial professionals lighting inventory and provides excellent protection against inadvertent ignition in atmosphere where explosive potential may exist.

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