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Panasonic LED Light Bulb Wins Product Design Award in Germany

Panasonic Corporation has received two Gold Awards, the highest honor in the iF Product Design Award, for its LED Clear Light Bulb (LDAHV4L27CG) and HD Integrated Camera (AW-HE120) at the recent iF Design Awards 2012.
The Gold-winning LED Clear Light Bulb provides sparkling light, just like a clear incandescent light bulb. Using Panasonic's proprietary light emission and diffusion technologies, this LED light bulb has achieved virtually the same size, shape, light source position, light color, brightness, and light distribution as clear incandescent light bulbs commonly used worldwide. Its similarity to a conventional clear bulb in terms of its shape and quality of light makes users feel comfortable with it in their homes, encouraging consumers to replace conventional bulbs with long-life energy-saving LED bulbs. Therefore, it is expected to contribute greatly to global energy-saving efforts. The LED Clear Light Bulb also obtained a Gold Award at the 2011 Good Design Award in Japan, and has been well received worldwide.

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