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New LED Downlight Unites Timeless Aesthetics with Exceptional Color Quality

LED lighting leader Cree, Inc. introduces a six-inch LED architectural luminaire, extending its family of the world's most efficient downlights. Featuring modern design, high color quality and double the efficacy of fluorescent technology, the revolutionary SR Series LED Architectural Downlight uses 85 percent less energy and is designed to last up to 30 times longer than comparable incandescent lighting. Priced at par with incumbent fluorescent architectural downlights, the new SR Series provides instant payback while delivering breakthrough performance.
Increasingly strict energy codes and LEED certification for buildings are significantly decreasing the energy density (measured in watts per square foot) that can be used for lighting. These stringent codes often restrict lighting options, which can compromise the overall aesthetics of a building's design. The SR Series offers significant opportunities to reduce power consumption and operating expenses for end-users, while providing exceptional aesthetic qualities.
"With the SR Series, the high quality LED light you expect from Cree comes in a package that you would expect from an architectural-grade lighting manufacturer and at a price point consistent with the industry," said Leah Robinson, lighting designer at Affiliated Engineers, Inc. "Plus, its high efficacy and color consistency allows designers to put more thought into the details of their design and feel confident in the quality of their downlighting solutions."
The SR Series introduces the new, innovative Cree Light Source-Reflector Unity Optical system. Specifically designed with the end application in mind, the reflectors virtually eliminate glare and distracting optical reflections for projects that require the most refined aperture appearance and brightness control. Featuring award-winning Cree TrueWhite(R) Technology, the SR Series delivers industry-leading color quality and specifically tuned color points (3000K, 3500K and 4000K). The downlights deliver light with a CRI >90 and are designed to last at least 75,000 hours and feature a five-year warranty.

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