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SWITCH Lighting’s Complete Portfolio of LED A-Lamps Now Available

SWITCH Lighting has declared the availability of its full family of LED A-lamps. These newly-launched liquid-cooled LED A-lamps are compatible with any fixture, suitable for all orientations both indoor and outdoor. Following the 2011 launch of SWITCH’s innovative technology, the company has developed innovative LED lamps which will be exhibited at LIGHTFAIR.
Besides introducing 40-, 60-, 75-, and 100 W-equivalent lamps, SWITCH has also launched the unique SWITCH3-Way. This novel offering is ideal for three way fixtures and includes 25/50/75 W-equivalent LED incandescent replacement A-Lamp. SWITCH’s technology for 220/240V driver will enable expansion of LED A-Lamp arrays to the global market. The 220/240V driver lamps will be available by 2012 end.
Following its commercial channels launch, SWITCH100 has been showcased at the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in March 2012.
The SWITCH100 is the premier true 100 W-equivalent A-lamp having exceptional radial flux and 1600 lm output. It can generate color temperature of 4000K, and therefore effective for lighting operations requiring bright, white light.
During November 2011, the first SWITCH lamps were supplied to U.S.-based hotel beta-sites. SWITCH’s 40, 60, 75, and 100 W-equivalent lamps can be procured from the commercial channels and specific commercial retail distribution in the U.S. by this summer.
SWITCH’s LED lamps will be exhibited from May 9-11, 2012 at LIGHTFAIR in Las Vegas. SWITCH will also showcase during the HD Expo in Las Vegas next week. SWITCH is a recipient of Silver Edison Award in Energy and Sustainability’s “Smart System” category.

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