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Vantage LED Announces Newest LED Sign Partner

Triangle Sign & Service has joined the growing team of strategic partners throughout the USA at Vantage LED, who are working to stay at the forefront of LED sign technology and innovation. Owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, a publicly traded company on the NYSE, Triangle Sign & Service has joined Vantage LEDs Partner Program to help grow Digital Signage locally in the Baltimore, MD area as well as nationally. With this move, Triangle Sign & Service continues a legacy which has been in place since their inception in 1931. Triangle Sign & Service was founded by a team of experienced engineers and retailers who saw an opportunity to be leaders in the growing signage industry in Baltimore, MD.
Major changes have occurred since the founding in 1931. Triangle was always considered a large sign company in Baltimore. MD, but in the 1970s, management determined that being strictly involved in Baltimore would be a long term mistake. A decision was made to go after a national retail market, specifically the high end retailer who wanted a quality product. Major retailers opened multiple stores every year, but each store was unique requiring a change from mass production models to a more custom detail of design and construction.
We have seen substantial changes in the sign industry including computerized LEDs and advanced equipment. Triangle has always strived to be at the forefront of all new developments. states Steve Altshuler, President of Triangle Sign & Service

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