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WAC Lighting Showcases Future of Solid State Lighting with New VELA Organic LED Luminaires

WAC Lighting introduces eco-friendly nanotechnology with two new VELA Organic LED luminaires that translate the future of lighting into a unique statement for today.  WAC Lighting is a leading, global manufacturer and designer of architectural, decorative and task lighting.
“Designed and engineered to stimulate curiosity and aesthetic appeal among the design and specification community, our next generation OLED luminaires raise the bar with a unique lighting experience of vision and sustainability,” explained WAC Lighting President, Shelley Wald.
The Vela Chandelier is defined by an exaggerated contemporary profile, laser-crafted of aluminum with 12 OLED panels that illuminate surfaces below, and 12 additional OLEDs shine upward to render a soft ambiance that evokes a lighter sense of space and visual comfort.
The chandelier delivers a high light output of 2040 lumens while offering a CRI (color rendering index) of 80 and an efficacy of 35.2 lumens per watt. The luminaire features a total of 24 OLEDs with a CCT (correlated color temperature) of 4000K while using just 58 watts of power.  Aircraft cables suspend the chandelier from the ceiling, with a height adjustment up to 36 inches.
The commanding impression and minimal aluminum profile of the Vela wall sconce proudly features six OLED panels on its face.  Housed within this exceptionally thin luminaire, the panels provide even illumination without glare. Perfect as a decorative focal point, the brushed aluminum finished sconce uses 16.4 watts with OLED panels offering a 4000K CCT, a CRI of 80, and an efficacy of 31.1 lumens per watt while delivering 510 lumens.  With a depth of merely 2.25 inches, the sconce is 24 5/8 inches long and 13 inches wide.
Inherently sustainable and precision engineered, the luminaires are individually crafted with the world’s most revolutionary light source in WAC’s wholly owned, zero landfill manufacturing campus.  With instant on/off and dimming capabilities, the Vela family delivers mercury free, consistent beams of light without glare and a 10,000-hour rated life.  The OLEDs are uniformly luminous and evenly spaced on the luminaires with utility, proportion and style.

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