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Smart Street Lighting

A number of small startup companies have begun offering hardware and software products for smart street lighting systems. In this challenging emerging market, many of these startups have already failed, others have been acquired by larger lighting companies, and a few are flourishing on their own. Some of the larger control and lighting companies are developing their own products for this market, which will put pressure on smaller companies that have not yet secured a reliable revenue stream. At the same time, new lamp options have recently become available for street lights, most notably LEDs. The market for these lamps is also in a period of transition. Dramatically falling costs and rising efficiencies of LED lamps are driving up sales. Costs have fallen as much as 50% over the last 18 months and are expected to continue falling for years to come.
This Pike Research report analyzes the global market opportunity for lamp upgrades and networked lighting controls across five categories of public outdoor lighting: highways, roads, parking lots, city parks, and sports stadiums. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the demand drivers, obstacles, policy factors, and technology issues associated with the growing market for street lighting controls. Key industry players are profiled in depth and worldwide revenue and capacity forecasts, segmented by lamp type and region, extend through 2020.

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