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Turbo-Recycling-Reflector Increases Brightness

Wavien, Inc. is announcing the release of the Turbo Recycling Reflector (TRR) for variable color spot light applications in the entertainment industry. This unique optical component allows increase in brightness for each of the LEDs with different colors housed in the same package, e.g. Luminus CBM-380, Luminus SBM-160, Ostar LE ATB S2W, and Ostar LE RTDUW S2W. The combination of the these multi-color LED arrays together with the proprietary TRR technology from Wavien, provides low-cost, high-output solutions for spot lights, moving heads, and other lighting applications in the entertainment and projection markets.
Wavien's TRR technology recaptures light lost in standard optical system back to the output of the system, transforming it back into useable light. The normally wasted colored light from each LED is captured by the TRR reflector and reflected back to the same LED for recycling by its unique optical properties. As a result, each colored LED recycles the wasted light independently with increased brightness. Although brightness improvements are dependent on color, an output improvement, as high as 100%, can be achieved. "Wavien continues to advance the LED light recycling technology and offers outstanding brightness by recovering and recycling high angle light from the LED that is normally wasted with traditional LED coupling systems," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the recycling technology. Dr. Li added: "This new TRR technology invention further improves brightness of many entertainment lighting systems currently using Luminus Color Mix LEDs and pico-projector systems using Ostar LEDs." This performance improvement is provided by adding a simple TRR reflector with an aperture to standard multi-color LED packages. The diameter of the aperture, which determines the amount of recycling, and the total size of the reflector can be scaled to meet the user's needs. "Clearly, with such improvements in performance with minimum change in configuration will find applications in many areas in the entertainment industry and pico-projectors," stated Dr. Li.

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