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All-Terrain Generator Lights With FRC LEDs

In addition to high-output halogens, LENTRY Scene Lighting Systems are now available with FRC LEDs for departments that need versatility, portability, bright light, and extra power. These LEDs offer 20,000 lumens of spot and flood light at once, and very white light quite close to natural sunlight. They are 120V, only 2 amp and 240W, so one LENTRY Unit can power up to five of the telescoping LEDs at once and still have power to give, depending on the generator chosen. LEDs are solid state, with no bulbs to burn out or replace. Being low profile and rugged, with heat resistant handles, instant-on at full intensity, and rated for 50,000 hours (that’s 5.7 years continuous use), this scene light will serve you well for decades.

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