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Lumen LEDs for Exterior and Interior Auto Light Sources

According to Lumen, their operations have a minimal carbon footprint on the planet. CARiD, in its turn, stands for high-quality products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Besides, the company always strives to provide excellent customer service. So, the collaboration with Lumen is a double benefit for CARiD's customers because they buy tested and true products and get them in no time flat.
Lumen LEDs allow enthusiastic drivers to customize their exterior and interior lighting as well as simply replace the old bulbs. At, there is a wide range of Lumen LEDs for daytime running lights, tail lights, brake lights, fog lights, and even license plate lights. As for the interior lighting, Lumen offers LED bulbs for dome lights, glove compartment lights, trunk compartment lights, under hood lights, etc. Lumen also supplies LED bulbs for backlit instrument clusters, radio controls, ignition switches, and the like. offers Lumen LEDs in several degrees of color temperatures: from 3,000 K to over 7,000 K. It means that they are available in white, amber hue, red, blue, and green.
Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, LEDs produce a brighter light and reach their full intensity approximately 0.2 seconds faster. Lumen LEDs have plug-and-play connectors with the vehicle's electrical system, therefore they automatically activate/deactivate, and dim their light intensity. Another advantage, when it comes to LEDs, is their long service life. Finally, Lumen LEDs are quite easy to install and they are damage-resistant.

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