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Simple Lighting Company Explores Versatility of LEDs

As Russell Lipscombe of Office of Light speaks to about the versatility needed to provide a successful lighting campaign for their Victoria’s Secret campaign, the specialists at Simple Lighting co. have explored what makes LEDs so suitable for such a number of uses.
Lipscombe explains that the main task in hand was ensuring that the lighting of its UK flagship be as alluring as the brand itself. In order to achieve this it was necessary to reduce the intensity of light in certain areas as well as being able to deal with different contrasts and reflections. He recalls how light had to be carefully controlled using lenses and reflectors to prevent it bouncing around any high gloss surfaces.
Always researching the latest industry updates and developments, the team at Simple Lighting co. were interested to hear how such a specific set of criteria were met. Often confronted with customers searching for a similar solution to their own home lighting objectives, a representative from the firm explains what makes LED lights so versatile.
Established in 2009, Simple Lighting Company aims to provide high quality lighting at some of the most competitive prices on the web. The company has grown considerably in recent years and supplies over 4000 products, specialising in LED lighting, LED tape, LED strip lights as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. Simple Lighting Company considers customer service its priority, regularly adding new products to the website.

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