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Simple Lighting Company Responds to Blackpool Tower LED Switchover

As Blackpool Tower celebrates the completion of its 2 year LED replacement, the lighting specialists at Simple Lighting co. reflect on the success of the project. It has been reported in the Blackpool Gazette that the lights were switched on the evening of Tuesday 12th February and will remain lighted over Valentine’s Day before returning when the illuminations are switched on in November. 100,000old pygmy bulbs on the Tower’s legs were replaced with more efficient LED lights. The overall structure now contains 5,508 LED lights.
The team at Simple Lighting co. regularly receive news of money saving LED projects. This story in particular caught their interest and a representative from the firm shares their thoughts on how the transition could make significant savings.
Simple Lighting co. offer an extensive range of LED tape lights and strip lighting and regularly update their collection.

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