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Future grows dimmer for classic light bulb

US Federal rules taking effect Jan. 1 ban the manufacture of incandescent bulbs using 40 watts of power or more, the third phase of energy efficiency legislation passed in 2007. The intent of the law is to push consumers toward more energy-efficient lighting technology than the incandescent light bulb – which has helped beat back the night for more than a century, but expends most of its energy producing heat rather than light. Compact fluorescent lamps — those spiraling tubes that some consumers may associate with harsh light and delayed start-up — cost more than incandescents but last longer and use 75 percent less energy.

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  1. Super coole Seite, hier kann man sich echt gute Ideen holen. Ich möchte meine Einrichtung auch ein bißchen mehr auf LED umdekorieren. Sehr hilfreich, vielen Dank!


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