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Energy Saving Solutions’ Guaranteed for Life Forever LED Lights to Modernize Historic Crescent Hotel and Spa

Energy Saving Solutions USA, the creators of the LED with a lifetime guarantee, announced that through its authorized LED dealer Dan Timbrook, the company will be installing its guaranteed for life, energy-efficient Forever LED Lights within the interior of another Jack Moyer-owned historic hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – the Crescent Hotel and Spa. Like the Basin Park Hotel, these state-of-the-art LED lights will enable Mr. Moyer to reduce the Crescent Hotel’s carbon footprint, energy usage and electricity costs, while improving lighting quality for hotel employees and guests.
Offered exclusively through Energy Savings Solutions and its authorized national dealer organization, Forever LED Lights™ are the only LEDs on the market protected by a lifetime guarantee exclusively administered by McCusker & Company and backed by Service USA, world class warranty and service providers out of Dallas, Texas.
Forever LED Lights, post installation, will save the hotel 69% on interior lighting costs, equaling roughly $158,000 over the lifetime of the lights. The Crescent Hotel and Spa was built in 1886 is located in downtown Eureka Springs’ Historic District, a popular tourist destination known for its rich history and Victorian-style manors.


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