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Deco Lighting partners with Nichia to integrate new LED sources in its fixtures

Deco Lighting, a LED lighting manufacturer based in Los Angeles, has joined forces with Japanese LED pioneer Nichia to develop new groundbreaking LED technologies. Nichia, arguably the top LED manufacturer in the world, remains at the leading edge of energy-efficient LED technology, producing LEDs with extended life cycles and minimal lumen depreciation. Deco Lighting selects the highest quality components in its lighting fixtures and their partnership with Nichia guarantees a future of innovation for both companies. Deco’s use of Nichia LEDs in its fixtures has enabled Deco to provide the industry’s first Ten Year, 100,000-hour warranty on its LED products, which includes an allowance for labor. Because the LEDs are so dependable, Deco includes lumen depreciation on the warranty, which means they guarantee the same lumen output on the ground even ten years after the product is installed.

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