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Lumia uses edge-lit light guides in Galway LED panel lights

Galway Panels are thin, optically clear, acrylic sheets embedded with LED diodes along the edge. To make the light bright and achieve a uniform distribution, a very effective method is to create the light guide plate (LGP) with particulates in the acrylic itself.

The type of acrylic used in Galway Panels is extremely durable. The acrylic is shatter proof and resistant to most chemicals. Also, despite heat, cold, sunlight and humidity, the acrylic will maintain its original appearance and colour. Even with its strength and durability, diffusers typically weigh half as much as glass. Galway Panels’ lifespan is another major benefit over traditional lighting. LED’s on average last 50,000 hours or 17 years if powered for 8 hours a day. Compared to CFL’s and incandescent lighting, LED’s will last more than 5 times longer. Galway Panels are typically installed in applications where maintenance and replacement is difficult so a long lifespan is extremely important.

Due to the construction of the Galway Panels there is a minimal or no-maintenance cost during its lifespan. Furthermore, given that we use the best components in the market, the lifespan is not limited by a potential deficiency on those other components and makes it a perfect solution for any situation. We can also provide IP rated panels with up to IP 54 and emergency light solutions with our panels if needed.

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