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Lumileds delivers second-generation COB LEDs

Lumileds has announced the second-generation Luxeon COB (chip-on-board) Core Range of packaged LEDs that deliver 10% gains in efficacy and flux output, while matching the footprint of prior products. Called Gen 2 COB products, the family includes COB LEDs with light-emitting surface (LES) options that range from 9–19 mm.

As with many second-generation products, the new Lumileds COB LEDs offer product developers a number of options in new or refreshed solid-state lighting (SSL) lamps and luminaires.  The common footprint means that designs can easily be refreshed for higher output while using existing ecosystem components such as holders, optics, and heat sinks. Or developers can reduce the size of new SSL products or take advantage of a smaller LES while maintain the same flux output as prior-generation designs. And remember a smaller LES can enable better beam control or what Lumileds competitor Cree has called optical control factor (OCF).

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