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ROAL's MESO 50 LED drivers feature multi-unit RFID wireless programming

ROAL Electronics SpA announces the release of its newest programmable LED drivers, MESO 50, with the RFID wireless programming feature. This new RFID technology offers measurable benefits by enabling simultaneous feature-set programming of multiple devices without the need to turn on the unit, or remove the product from its packaging.

MESO 50 LED drivers provide 50 watts of power in a very compact size (105 x 73 x 27 mm / 4.13 x 2.87 x 1.06 in), with worldwide AC input voltage range (120/230/277 VAC) and the industry’s first multi-unit wireless programmability feature. These combined features reduce design time, lead time, and part numbers to stock while increasing designer flexibility. MESO 50 is also available with optional DC power input.

MESO 50 LED drivers' unique multiple dimming options include Analog  0–10V, digital control via either DALI or PWM, and push dimming. MESO 50 ensures universal adaptability and delivers many advanced features such as lower THD <20%, PF >0.9 at any nominal input voltage and 5kV surge protection. It is also suitable for harsh environments up to 90°C case temperature.

Designed in Italy and made in Tunisia, MESO 50 carries a 5 year warranty.

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