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Soraa’s LED Lighting Makes the Atmosphere in London’s Yauatcha City Restaurant Simply Perfect

Soraa announced that its LED lamps have been installed at the new Yauatcha City restaurant in London’s Broadgate Circle. Officially open the summer of 2015, Yauatcha City is a unique, contemporary dim sum teahouse that is lit to create both a sense of drama and intimacy for the restaurant patrons.

Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) chose Soraa LED lamps because of their unique quality to deliver perfect rendering of colours and whiteness. Soraa LEDs create a dramatic lighting environment that is consistent with Yauatcha City’s identity and characteristics. The restaurant’s architectural details include bespoke bone white china pendants that use Soraa lights to illuminate each seat individually. Soraa downlight LEDs create the drama in the restaurant’s starlit ceiling and illuminate the beautiful, blue glass balustrade.

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  1. Wow that is interesting to hear how LED Lighting Technology saving the Carbon Foot Prints and making greener environment for future and future is LED Lighting.


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