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Elemental LED launches new LED connector for tapelights

Elemental LED, a U.S. based engineering and technology company that manufacturers LED lighting solutions, has announced the launch of a revolutionary new patent-pending product called CLICKTIGHT PRO designed and engineered by Diode LED to provide a superior solderless connection for tape light applications where soldering is not an option. This innovative and next generation LED connector outperforms other tape light connectors by simplifying LED tape light installation, offering a wider range of compatible tape lights, stronger and more reliable connections, and a simplified design that incorporates a universal wire adapter.
Chief Executive Officer Randy Holleschau says, “The invention of CLICKTIGHT PRO shows our continued commitment to developing innovative products that solve real industry issues such as with our design of SWITCHEX, the first dimmer and switch in one, earlier this year. We listen to our customers and set our engineering team to work developing technologically advanced products to better serve them.” Holleschau continues, “We strive to deliver first class LED lighting solutions that disrupt the market and demonstrate Elemental LED’s position as an industry trendsetter.”
First, the unique LED cutout design of the CLICKTIGHT PRO allows it to snap firmly over the first LED at the noted field-cut point of high density LED tape light. Prior to CLICKTIGHT PRO, the LEDs crowded the solderless connectors. This crowding prevented a proper grip of the tape light, creating weak and unreliable connections often resulting in installation failure and reinstallation labor cost.

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