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Knema's 12x12-in. LED module can be used whole or in smaller lighting formats

LLC has been providing LED lighting to people in the retail display and lighting industry since 2004 and after plenty of discussions with their customers they are now proud to present their new 12x12-inch 36 LED module. This new LED module delivers more light, reliability and greater flexibility than ever before. With only 36 LEDs, Knema’s new LED module produces more light than their previous economy LED module with 196 LEDs and at a lower cost. The new LED module utilizes the same high-quality Nichia LEDs that are currently on their other premium modules.

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  1. LED Lights are suitable for hotel, restaurant, home furnishing, shopping malls, adapt to the overall lighting effect, directly replace traditional incandescent lamp and traditional lamps, energy saving more than 70%, is 10 times that of incandescent lamp. LED Lights in Jedaah


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