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AGC Lighting releases the HiSoldier LED street light for roadway lighting

AGC Lighting announced its new professional outdoor lighting product, HiSoldier LED street light. With Type II Medium lighting distribution, it is suitable for wide range of road applications (such as fast-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed roads), and complies with many lighting level and standards.

With specially-designed Arc-shaped cooling fins, the heat dissipation performance of HiSoldier is greatly enhanced. This allows the temperature of LEDs negative electrode to be within 50°C and therefore,higher wattage is available for HiSoldier.

With buckles for fixing the heat sink and driver, HiSoldier realizes easy maintenance and replacement due to all the jobs can be done without tools. Simple and convenient maintenance help you to reduce your labor costs.

HiSoldier is also designed for safety. When the fixture body opens, the power would automatically shut off. Besides, we adopt led driver integrated with SPD (surge protection device) so that it can well protect the fixtures from damage when in the weather of thunder.

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