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This Fingerless Glove with LED lights makes detailed work in the dark possible

It’s only when you’ve been working the same job for a couple months that you start to realize what aspects you could improve on. Foot rests for under your desk and a wrist support at an office, a rechargeable thermos for those that work in tough conditions, and bike accessories for those with a commute. There’s an app or product for just about anything you can think of. For those of you out there that work in a world of darkness, such as those who fish in the wee hours, are stage crew at a theater, or a nighttime photographer, light is a must, but it has to be in a controlled amount. You can’t swing a flashlight around or your work will be affected. This Fingerless Glove with LEDs will make sure that you can not only see, but will be able to put your light only where you need it

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